Rothwell Theological Lectures

Dr. Mel-Thomas Rothwell

The Rothwell Lectures, established in 1981, have been funded through the generosity of Paul David Rothwell, M.D., as a tribute to his father, Dr. Mel-Thomas Rothwell. Dr. Rothwell served Bethany Nazarene College from 1959 – 1977 as Professor of Philosophy and ultimately as Chair of the Departments of Religion and Philosophy.

Having earned the Ph.D. from Boston University in Philosophy, Dr. Rothwell gave many years to teaching and evangelism. As a teacher and preacher in many parts of the world, Dr. Rothwell was well known for his clear holiness preaching and scholarly discipline.

In keeping with the teaching ministry of Dr. Rothwell, the lectures seek to present the best academic scholarship in integration with the highest expectations of Christian living.

The Rothwell Lectures carry on the principles of the earlier Ripper-Rothwell Lectures originated in 1965, the purpose being to expose the campus to able, sound Christian scholars who deal with relevant facts of theology and religion.

Scholars who have addressed these lectures include Carl F.H. Henry, Dennis Kinlaw, Millard Reed, Gordon Wetmore, David Lowes Watson, William J. Abraham, William Greathouse, Tom Oden, Stephen Green, Thomas Noble, George Lyons, Wesley Tracy, Randy Maddox, Dan Boone, Timothy Green, T. Scott Daniels, Susie Stanley, Alan Coppedge, Steve McCormick and Michael Lodahl.

Ministers of all denominations find the lectures interesting and useful with the presentation geared for the interest of the general public.