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SNU Safety: 405-491-6309Safe Zone Logo

SafeZone is a free app for all Southern Nazarene University faculty, staff and students.  The app connects you directly to SNU Safety & Security when you need help on campus.

The SafeZone smart phone app (byCriticalArc) connects faculty,SNU SafeZone - Feel safer staff and students directly to the SNU Safety & Security team or emergency services for on-campus first-aid or emergencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The SafeZone app will make it easier for SNU Security officers to respond to emergency situations through GPS. The app allows security staff to become aware of someone’s location, talk to them directly, and arrange immediate assistance. The system also has the capability of conducting push notification messages to specific groups on campus such as Residential Directors, custodial, and Facility personnel.

Everyone is encouraged to register for SafeZone on their mobile device.

With SafeZone on your phone, you’re connected to Security whenever you need it. 24/7. SafeZone provides all faculty, staff, students and approved visitors with peace of mind. The app will run on Apple, Android & Windows phones and tablets.


The SafeZone App allows SNU faculty, staff & students to obtain assistance from SNU Safety & Security with a simple tap on their SmartPhone (once the App is opened).


When any of the icons are used, e.g. Emergency Alert, SNU Safety or First Aid, your phone location will be shown on a map display for Security Officers to see where you are.   If you are in a building, Security will still get a location, but it may not be precise, so you still need to keep an eye out for the Security Officers responding.

* If you raise an alarm, you must talk to a Security Officer - even if you have accidentally raised an alarm.  It is important that we know you are safe.

Emergency Icon

Emergency Alert

If you, or another person find themselves in a situation where their personal safety is threatened or they are injured, tap the red button to raise an Emergency Alert.  (Tap again to cancel).

When should I use the Emergency button?

  • If you or someone else feels threatened, or in danger.
  • If you or someone else is severely injured.
  • If you witness a crime in progress.

Snu Safety Phone

SNU Safety

Choose the SNU Safety button to be connected to an SNU Dispatcher for general help. You can cancel the call by tapping again while the timer is winding down.

When you tap the SNU Safety button, you will be connected to a Dispatcher.  Your location will be displayed to them on a map while you are making the call. If you need to cancel the call you may tap the button again.

When should I use SNU Safety button?

  • If you want a safety escort.
  • If you want to report suspicious activity.
  • Any other scenario where you would use a help phone if one was available or for contacting security. 

First Aid PictureFirst Aid Alert

If you or another person nearby needs medical assistance, tap First Aid to be connected to the Dispatcher. (Tap again to cancel).

When should I use First Aid button?

  • If you or someone near you is injured.
  • If you are not sure whether you need an Ambulance, tap the First Aid Alert button and ask the Dispatcher for assistance.


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