Please use the links to the left to browse the many scholarships available to SNU students.  If you have any questions about any of them, please contact the department listed inside each link.  

We think of SNU as a community resource. We strive to keep our tuition as low as possible so that everyone can benefit from the curriculum and activities it embodies. Most importantly, we never deny a person the opportunity to become a part of the Southern Nazarene family. We work hard to make sure that our university is an affordable option for the education of a student's lifetime.

Over 80 percent of our students receive some form of additional financial aid.  We realize that sometimes the students who benefit most from our educational offerings and our camaraderie are those who can least afford to pay.

Contact SNU's Office of University Advancement for more information on how you can help:  (405)717-6292 or email: Todd Brant -

*Please note: All scholarships are available only to traditional students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.

Scholarship Awarding Policy

If all scholarships and grants (other than Pell) exceed actual charges (tuition, fees*, room and board**, and books), SNU 's institutional scholarships will be reduced to stay within actual charges.

If additional financial aid is received or living arrangements change, an adjustment will be made to your award package. These awards are based on full time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress.

*Fees will be covered including general, health and course fees with the exception of the health insurance, class trip fees and travel fees.

**No institutional funds will be refunded to off campus students. Students will be allowed outside funds (including Pell) to cover the equivalent of double occupancy dorm room and 15 meal plan.