School of Music hosts Sixth Annual Jazz Festival

BETHANY, OK (April 5, 2011) - Monday April 8th, the Southern Nazarene University School of Music will host the Sixth annual Jazz Festival. The festival will be a chance for high school vocal jazz groups to work with both the SNU University Jazz Singers and composer/arranger/ teacher/performer Rodger Treece.

This year nine vocal jazz groups from around the greater Oklahoma City area will be attending SNU to spend the day working with Rodger Treece, recording songs in the recording studio and finally put on a free concert for the entire community in Herrick Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. In addition to being able to spend some time in the recording studio and taking home the product of their sessions, the groups will also benefit from being able to learn from Rodger Treece.

“This is definitely the most exciting year for all of us in University Singers. We just returned from Dallas where we performed for a international audience at the ACDA Convention, and now getting the opportunity to work with a man like Roger Treece, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are just excited that we get to share our music again, and are really proud of all the high school students that have worked so hard to bring their music here as well. It’s definitely going to be the best Jazz Festival yet,” said senior Erin Hicks.

Rodger Treece is an artist who specializes in improvisation. He is also a well known composer, arranger, teacher and performer. Treece improvises all of his concerts live, utilizing on stage guests and the entire audience in his vocal performances and the group in attendance will have the unique opportunity to learn from his knowledge on the subject.

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