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Southern Nazarene University - Character Culture Christ
SNU School for Children is a private, Christian school located in Bethany, Oklahoma

2018-2019 Downloadable List


1 Backpack large enough for folder and small blanket (without wheels, label with name)
2 Large glue sticks (white preferred, non-repositionable)
4 Small glue sticks (white preferred, non-repositionable)
2 Plastic pocket folder, no brads
1 Set watercolor paints
1 Pack of baby wipes
1 LARGE box of Kleene


1 Backpack large enough for a folder (without wheels)
1 Sterilite pencil box (8 3/8” L x 5 5/8” W x 2 1/8” H)
12 Small glue sticks (NON-repositional)
3 Boxes of 24-count Crayola crayons
2 Solid color plastic pocket folders with 3-hole clasp (Mead 5 star, label w/child’s name)
Ziploc bags (Girls—Sandwich, Boys—Gallon)
2 Spiral notebooks (label with child’s name)
1 Box of Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils (6 pack)
1 Large pink eraser
1 Pair of Fiskar scissors for kids (rounded tip)
2 LARGE boxes of Kleenex tissues

Lower Primary (Grades 1, 2 and 3)

(Please purchase amounts indicated--no more, no less.)

3 Mead 5-Star Poly portfolio folders with 2-pockets and prongs (solid colors, no name written on them)
2 Boxes of Crayola colored pencils (24 count only, no Rose Art or erasables)
2 Boxes of #2 Ticonderoga pencils (24 count)
3 Packages of cap erasers (24 each) 1 (4 oz.) bottle of white school glue (no colored glue)
1 LARGE rectangle box of Kleenex tissues
1 Set of earbuds

These items will need to be labeled with your child's name.

1 Large Sterilite school box (11 1/2” L x 7 5/8” W x 2 7/8” H)
1 (4 oz.) bottle of white school glue (no colored glue)
3 Large (1 oz.) glue sticks (NO LIQUID GLUE STICKS PLEASE)
1 Pair of Fiskar scissors for kids (this kind only please)
1 Box of 24-count Crayolas –basic colors only (no Rose Art, sparkle, neon, etc.)
2 Fine point black Sharpie permanent markers
2 Ultra-Fine point black Sharpie permanent markers
1 Large backpack (no wheels)

Upper Primary (Grades 4, 5 and 6)

1 Bottle of liquid school glue, 4 oz.
6 Large (1 oz) glue sticks
1 Pair of school/utility scissors (large, sharp)
1 Plastic zipper supply bag (with 3 holes to put inside binder)
1 Box of Crayola crayons (24 count)
2 Boxes of Crayola colored pencils (24 count, no twistables or erasables)
1 Box of Crayola markers (thin line)
1 School Box (size to fit in desk or tote tray)
1 Package of #2 soft lead wooden pencils with erasers (24 count)
1 Package cap erasers (24 count)
1 Ballpoint pen (BIC or similar, blue or black)
1 Mead 3-subject (150 pages), wide-ruled, spiral notebook w/ a pocket inside
2 Packages wide-ruled, loose-leaf notebook paper (100 sheets each)
1 Hard plastic folder with pockets and brads (any color)
1 Binder/Trapper Keeper with zipper (No double sized binders. Must fit into desk.)
1 Highlighter, any color
2 Large boxes of Kleenex tissues

Sixth Graders will need these additional items:
 1 USB Data Drive, 4 GB or more
 1 Lock for locker

Updated 5/18/2016 CB

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