Aller, Dr. Alvin Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Dr. Wayne Aller, son
  • Restricted to Junior or Senior-level students completing a degree in the Natural Sciences, with preference for Biology or Environmental Sciences
  • Must maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • Need based
  • Amount varies

Finkenbinder, Leo Ecology Scholarship

  • Established by Ted Bader, M.D., with additional funding from the students of Dr. Leo Finkenbinder
  • Provides stipends for students attending the QERC Program in Costa Rica
  • Awards are $5000 per year; $2500 per semester
  • Recipients are chosen by the faculty from the SNU Biology Department

Halliday, William Biomedical Scholarship

  • Funded by Dr. Nancy Halliday, The William Halliday Trust, and friends and family of Mr. William Halliday
  • Summer research
  • Available to any classification

Harwell, Don Family Scholarship

  • Established and funded by the Harwell Family Foundation
  • Provides general scholarships to biology majors
  • Amount varies

Shook, Jon M. Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by the friends and family of Jon Shook
  • Awards a grant to an upper-division biology major who is in good standing with SNU
  • Amount varies

Wood, Clifford E. Memorial Scholarship

  • Established and funded by Robert Wood, son
  • Provides funds for upper-division biological science majors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0.; possesses a genuine appreciation for learning and emulates SNU’s motto of "Character-Culture-Christ"
  • $500 increments

Wood, Robert D. (Bob) Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Prof. Dolores Wood, wife, family and friends
  • Provides funds for Junior and Senior-level Biology Education majors with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Increments of $500 (when possible)


Beaver, Dr. W. Don Scholarship

  • Established by the friends and former students of Dr. W. Don Beaver
  • Provides an award to the Top student majoring in Chemistry at the end of their Junior year of study
  • Selected by the Chemistry Faculty based on GPA, research, and academic ability
  • Amount varies

Fauss, Darwin & M. Madalyn Memorial Scholarship

  • Established through the M. Madalyn Fauss Trust
  • Provides awards for upper-division students majoring in Chemistry
  • Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Amount varies

Heasley, Dr. Gene Summer Research Fund

  • Established and funded by Dr. Gene & Dawn Heasley
  • Funds Summer research programs by under-graduate Science students
  • Open to any major, with preference for Chemistry
  • Selected by the SNU Science Faculty through proposal competition
  • Amount varies

Howard, Melvin & Hazel Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Hazel Howard, wife
  • Provides a general award for a chemistry major
  • Amount varies


Barlow, Ronald S., M.D., Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by the friends and family of Dr. Ron Barlow
  • Provides scholarships in the amount of $500 to students from the School of Natural Sciences
  • Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or an equivalent of 30 on the ACT for incoming freshman
  • Amount - $500 increments

Dyson, Dr. Freeman Scholarship

  • Established by Dr. Freeman Dyson, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton
  • QERC campus, Costa Rica
  • Any classification
  • No restrictions

Heasley, Gene Natural Science Summer Research Endowment

  • Summer research
  • Available to upper division students
  • Awarded by juried proposals

Imel, Jack & Joan Science Scholarship

  • Established by Jack & Joan Imel
  • Provides grants to upper division students within the School of Natural Sciences
  • Recipients must by working part-time to fund their education
  • $500 minimum increments

Parker, Beverly McAllister Science and Math Scholarship

  • Established and funded by Robert L. Parker
  • Provides a $2,500 annual award for two years beginning  the junior year to a science or math major that exemplifies SNU's motto of "Character-Culture-Christ"

SNU Science Heritage Scholarship

  • Established and funded by the alumni and friends of the science departments
  • Provides need-based awards to students within the School of Natural Sciences, based on academic achievement
  • Amount varies

Shannon, Dr. E. Boyd Memorial Scholarship

  • Established and funded by the former students, and family of Dr. E. Boyd Shannon
  • Provides need-based awards to non-freshman pursuing a science-related major
  • Amount varies

Silvey, Lawrence, M.D., Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Mrs. Helen Silvey, wife; and funded by the extended Silvey Family, and the Silvey Classic golf tournament
  • Provides grants to full-time Pre-Med or pre-nursing students with a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Financial needs not a requirement but a consideration
  • Amount varies


Caraway, Tom & Teresa Scholarship

  • Established by Tom & Dr. Teresa Caraway
  • Full-time upper-division student – “Retention effort”
  • Completing an undergraduate degree program in the SNU School of Business
  • Amount varies

Clarkson, Mildred Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by Jan Clarkson, daughter
  • Provides awards to upper-division students accepted into the SNU Pre-Med Program
  • Amount varies

Dombeck, Treba Memorial Scholarship

  • Established by the Estate of Treba Dombeck & Professor Wes Harmon
  • Provides awards for an upper-division "outstanding" pre-med student with a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.25
  • Amount varies

Macrory, Dr. Paul & Kathleen Scholarship

  • Established by Dr. & Mrs. Paul Macrory
  • Provides need-based scholarships to upper-division Pre-Med students, who emulate the SNU motto of "Character-Culture-Christ"
  • Amount varies

Oakes, Francis & Marie MCAT Endowment

  • Established by Dr. & Mrs. Francis Oakes
  • Provides funds for SNU Pre-Med students wishing to take the MCAT Preparatory Courses, either preliminary or review
  • Selection is by the SNU Pre-Med Advisory Committee
  • Amount varies

Please note:  All scholarships are available only to traditional students in traditional programs unless otherwise specified.