SNU Student Artwork Chosen For Environmental Awareness From Talenthouse

J.D. Frees and Ashley Grubert, seniors in the Graphic Design program, were honored recently for their art that was chosen by Talenthouse to be showcased in their social media and their magazine. 

Talenthouse, an artist networking website, had over 490 submissions for this creative invite to design artwork for environmental awareness campaigns. With the big idea that liberating art would liberate the world a bit more, entrepreneur Amos Pizzey set out to create TalentHouse, a startup platform that allows emerging artist to get their first chance at a big break or a significant opportunity by working with established artists and global brands. Boy George, who gave him a chance and made him an early member of Culture Club, first discovered Pizzey, a London-based musician himself. After seeing how brands, established artists, and emerging artists all operated, but could be better combined, Pizzey set out to found TalentHouse in 2008, with the persistent goal of helping emerging artists of all stripes, all around the globe.

TalentHouse focuses on the categories of Film, Photography, Music, Art & Design, and Fashion. One must be a member of the TalentHouse community to participate, but sign-up is free and open to anyone. Their process starts with an open call for submissions. Voting by the public through Facebook and Twitter follows this. A winning artist is then announced, selected either by the sponsoring brand or by the popular vote.

Though not everyone wins every contest and gets to make a final project with an established artist, co-CEO of TalentHouse Roman Scharf explains, “There are only winners on TalentHouse. So many new artists get new connections, new audiences. They increase their followers and fans. And the audience itself creates a whole new selection of opportunities for each artist as well.”

This year, 15 winners were chosen. Other winners came from Germany, France, Austria, India, Mexico, Indonesia and others from the United States besides Frees and Grubert. Their artwork will be seen worldwide and will be available to be licensed by clients.

SNU is proud of our students and is excited to welcome Phyllis Eagle as its new 2016 Graphic Design Professor and looks forward to tremendous growth from the Graphic Design department in the future.