SNU Debuts Digital Collegiate Quartet Collection

Southern Nazarene University’s Fred Floyd Archives recently announced that their Collegiate Quartet Collection can now be heard in its entirety online. Made possible by a generous donation from Mr. Dulan Elder, the collection is hosted on the Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library (WHDL) (, and features eight albums:

· Plainsmen: 1953-1954; vocal members include Dick Osborn, Tinker Oyler, Bill Sullivan, and Robert Hale
· Voices of Praise: 1959-1960; vocal members include Steve Brown, Harrell Lucky, Danny Steele, and Marshall Pryor · As a Volunteer: 1961-1962; vocal members include Don Morgan, Larry Lewis, Barth Smith, and Ira Lee Cox
· To God be the Glory: 1963-1964; vocal members include Ray Cook, Hardy Weathers, Wayne Rice, and Justin Rice
· Called Unto Holiness: 1964-1965; vocal members include Bob Rist, Charles Isbell, Wayne Brown, and Tim Whittaker
· A Mighty Fortress is Our God: 1967-1968; vocal members include Jim Dillow, Steve Langford, Doug Grant, and Vince Snowbarger
· The Collegians: 1975-1976; vocal members include John Dorough, Tim Marvin, Steve Coleman, and John Haines
· Singing the Classics; members unknown

Corbin Taggart, Director of the Fred Floyd Archives at SNU, worked closely with Ken Rosfeld, Director of the Music Business program at SNU, and Katie King, Director of the SNU Library, in collaboration with Scott Stargel, Global Nazarene Publications, to make this collection available.

Taggart said, “The Fred Floyd Archives is truly blessed to have received such a generous donation to launch the audio digitization program, which includes the transfer of the entire record album collection. The Collegiate Quartet recordings are of particular interest as they capture a unique view of a past university tradition. Making appearances all over the Bethany Peniel College /Bethany Nazarene College Education Zone, at camps, and other events, the Collegiate Quartet members were the campus gospel stars of their time. I am very grateful to Mr. Elder, who sponsored this endeavor, and we look forward to many more recordings being released in the near future.”

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