SNU Equestrian Team Energized with New Coach

Since the age of 11, Debby Letham loved anything to do with horses.

Thanks to a childhood best friend with a horse show facility, it was here that she was able to lay the foundation of an extremely successful career in the horse show pen, meeting her husband, John, in the industry along the way.

Together, John and Debby have been showing, breeding, coaching and training all breeds for 50 years. She has received the Trainer of the Year award from the Appaloosa Horse Club and has several World Champion titles to her credit.

Southern Nazarene University’s Equestrian program, just celebrating its 25th year, under the blessing of SNU president, Dr. Loren Gresham and long-time barn manager, Bill Bowen; is proud to announce the hiring of Debby Latham as its new coach and horse trainer. From far and wide, accolades have been pouring in congratulating SNU on landing such a well-known and successful coach for its program.

Says barn manager, Bill Bowen, “SNU is very excited about Debby coming to the program. She is one of the most well-known trainers in the west, and we also get her husband, John, who will be designated driver for our Equestrian team traveling long distances to their horse shows. The Lord brought us a qualified and dedicated new coach to take our program to the next level.”

The Lord has certainly been with this illustrious program that has received major donations of funds and horses over the years. In fact, SNU has never paid for any of its horses and continues to get donations of high-value horses to this day. Although the program has had up to 70 horses in the past, a slow economy and program enrollment has the number down to 26.

Debby holds cards with the PTHA, APHA, APHC, IBHA, ABRA and POAC associations. She has judged in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia. “I love that when I judge or train, I get to meet people that share my love for horses,” said Debby. “I look forward to working with an excellent group of girls that are interested in excelling in this wonderful sport. I look forward to being around students at SNU that will have that same passion.”