SNU Honors Students Successfully Write Grant for Field Trip to SNU Campus

Each year, freshmen Honors students at Southern Nazarene University (SNU) engage in service learning throughout their freshman year coursework. Every two weeks, they volunteer at Council Grove Elementary (CG), a local Title I school. 

Each SNU student mentors two CG students over the course of a year, helping the students with reading or math. In the fall, as part of Honors Academic Writing, Honors students learn how to write grants, and then they apply for various grants on behalf of their school. 

Over the past four years of the grant project, SNU Honors students have had seven of their grants funded, winning approximately $17,000. Past grants have funded a reading garden on the school grounds, benches, books for the children and the library, and P.E. equipment. Earlier this semester, the Dollar General Literacy Grant and Good Sports Grant (written by several members of the 2015 and 2016 Honors classes) were funded.

The Honors program is pleased to announce that another grant has been funded. Christina Shadid and Emma Wright, two freshmen Honors members, applied for the Target Field Trip Grant on behalf of Council Grove earlier this semester, and were awarded the amount of $700. The Field Trip Grant will allow kindergarten students at CG to come to the SNU campus for a visit in the spring of 2017, and they will be able to spend the day on campus doing a variety of activities. This will expose the kindergarten students to a college campus at an early age, and will have a lasting impact on their education.