SNU Honors Students Win Grants for Local Public School

Southern Nazarene University (SNU) Honors Program first-year students regularly participate in service learning projects, mentoring students from Council Grove Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and also gain valuable experience in grant writing, based on ideas that emerge from their interaction at the school.

Dr. Gina Weaver and Grace Williams

Dr. Gina Weaver, Assoc. Professor of English at SNU, assigns freshman honors students to develop ideas for and write grant applications in the Academic Writing course they are required to take in their first semester. Since seeking grants is an integral part of a career in a great number of academic settings and in non-profit organizations, Dr. Weaver sees it as a valuable exercise and has led her students in this activity over the past four years with great success.

With the support of Dr. Gwen Hackler, Professor of English and Director of Academic Grants at SNU, students have earned $10,500 in grants for Council Grove Elementary. Successful grant writers, the awarding Foundation and award amounts are:

Jamie Williams (2012 class) – Lowe’s Toolbox for Education, $4,500.
Grace Williams and Meagan Green (2013 class) – Walmart Foundation, $1,000.
Katie Goodman, Miranda Garlett and Rachel Rindom (2014 class) – Laura Bush Foundation, $5,000.

Dr. Weaver stated that the program has shown great promise and gives SNU’s honor students a model for service and community involvement to build on throughout their years at SNU and after graduation.

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