SNU Launches New Video Channel


     BETHANY, OK --- Southern Nazarene University (SNU) announces the launch of its recently designed exclusive online video channel, pronounced (“SNOO – LOO”).  SNULU is a great way to take a look into the life of the SNU community, both in the past and in the present. 


It’s a great resource for alumni to connect with their memories as a student while getting a glimpse of what is happening on campus today. 

"We are currently working to post as much content as possible that reflects the past as well as the present. For instance, you will find some clips from past Pow Wow and Lip Sync events, and you will also find current promotional videos we are working on for SNU," Kendra Thomson, Director of Media Strategies said.  "I’m particularly excited about the opportunity for alumni to reconnect with memories from their time on campus."

“Visitors to the SNULU page have the opportunity to both comment on and rate their favorite videos capturing SNU moments.   “I think its just one more way for SNU to connect with a variety of audiences,” Jonathan Meisner, SNU Digital Media Specialist, said.

“We know from Nielsen data that currently 77% of online users view videos online and its expected to rise to 95% this year. It just makes sense that SNU would establish an exclusive video channel as one more means of telling the SNU story,” Thomson said. 

Through this new outlet, SNU hopes to establish and strengthen the visual identity of the university while telling the story of SNU.