SNU's Library Celebrates "Jubilee"

      Southern Nazarene University’s (SNU) Library recently hosted a Week of Jubilee. They collected 289 canned items that were donated by SNU students, faculty and staff. The library staff along with other volunteers put together packages of food for the Regional Food Bank’s (RFB) Food for Kids program, which makes it possible for chronically hungry children to have something to eat on weekends and holidays. The volunteers delivered the donations to RFB on Monday, March 17th.

                 SNU Volunteer's at RFB SNU Library Staff – Wen Zhao, Daniel Chesney,  Corbin Taggart, and Joshua Achipa

“The biblical Year of Jubilee occurred so the people of Israel and their political, social, and economic processes would actively recognize that everything in this earth is God’s; they participated in God’s plan of recurring restoration. We in the Library want to do our part to foster recurring restoration, and the Week of Jubilee is one way we can do that,” said Katie King, SNU Library Director. “The SNU Library gives credit to God for any strengths or abilities we have, as well as anything we’re able to accomplish together,” said King.

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