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SNU Promise Tuition Waivers

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Because you applied for Oklahoma's Promise, you may be eligible for a FULL TUITION WAIVER at SNU.

This program is open to ALL Oklahoma's Promise Recipients who meet both of the following criteria:

  • Good Students: Students with a strong High School GPA and/or ACT/SAT Score (Use the Academic Eligibility Chart below as a guideline for eligibility)
  • Students with High Financial Need: Originally only students that received the maximum Federal PELL Grant were eligible, however, thanks to the generosity of our amazing donors, we are now able to extend this offer to additional Pell Grant recipients who filed their FAFSA by December 1, 2019 and enter SNU by Fall 2020, even if the student does not receive the maximum Federal Pell Grant. (Note: For Non-maximum PELL Grant recipients, qualification is determined on a "case by case" basis - call today to see if you are eligible).


To determine your eligibility or to get additional questions answered call and speak to your SNU Promise Admissions Counselor: 1-888-979-9877.

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Academic Eligibility Chart for SNU Promise

Scholarship TypeCriteria Range (based on the combination of ACT/GPA scores)Average Scholarship RecipientQualification for SNU Promise?
Trustee's29 ACT/3.85 GPA or 34 ACT/3.3 GPA29 ACT/4.14 GPAYes
President's25 ACT/3.75 GPA or 31 ACT/3.05 GPA25 ACT/4.00 GPAYes
Dean's18 ACT/3.60 GPA or 26 ACT/2.75 GPA 21 ACT/3.65 GPAYes
Achievement17 ACT/3.10 GPA or 22 ACT/2.60 GPA18 ACT/3.17 GPAYes
Conditionally Admitted StudentsLower ACT/GPA scoresN/ANo

Additional Information Regarding SNU Promise

Students who qualify for the SNU Promise program will receive a scholarship waiver that covers the ENTIRE BALANCE of their tuition after the value of all federal and state grant aid have been applied.*

The SNU Promise Tuition waiver is renewable each year, provided that all of the above criteria continue to be met.

*SNU Promise can only be applied toward the cost of tuition. Student is responsible for all institutional fees (approximately $900/yr) and textbooks (approximately $1,000/yr). Students living on campus are responsible for the cost of room and board. Students participating in extracurricular programs can qualify for an additional $1,000 in awards toward the cost of room and board.

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