SNU Receives Grant from Butterfield Memorial Foundation

Southern Nazarene University received a $25,000 grant from the Butterfield Memorial Foundation. This is the second installment of a two-year $50,000 Butterfield grant. The money will support the Butterfield Scholarship for the Nursing project at SNU.

This grant supports nursing students in their studies and also by involving them in missions and ministry experiences. The Butterfield Scholarship is awarded to upper-division students who best represent the ideals promoted by the Butterfield Foundation.

Students will be selected to receive the Butterfield Scholarship based on GPA, financial need, ministry service and volunteer work.

Butterfield Memorial Foundation was created in 2005, subsequent to the sale of Deaconess Hospital to a national healthcare corporation. The foundation remains active in Central Oklahoma, fulfilling the century-old Deaconess Hospital legacy of advocating for health needs of the underserved in our community. In concert with the Free Methodist Church of North America, the mission is now being fulfilled through a primary emphasis on direct access to free medical care as it is provided by Christian non-profits. Training in the delivery of Christian nursing care as a contributor to community health remains a strong priority of the foundation. To read more about the foundation’s mission, activities, and the Deaconess Hospital legacy, visit the website at

Photo provided by Michaelah Wieczorek, SNU Senior.  This photo was taken during Commission Unto Mexico, December 2010.

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