SNU Receives Grant to Fund Biggest User Program

BETHANY, Okla. (January 25, 2012) – SNU has been awarded a $500 grant from the UnitedHealth HEROES program to fund the Biggest User program in conjunction with Bethany Public Schools.

The UnitedHealth HEROES program is a service-learning, health literacy initiative developed by UnitedHealthcare and YSA (Youth Service America). The program awards grants to help youth, ages 5-25, create and implement local, hands-on programs to fight childhood obesity.

SNU’s Biggest User! Project will serve 150 elementary to middle school aged children enrolled in the free after school community program offered by the Bethany Community Foundation, Bethany First Church of the Nazarene and Bethany Public Schools. The Biggest User! Project will provide nutrition education and activity related experiences for the students.

“This grant enables our SNU students to engage in community service in an effort to support health and wellness behaviors in the public school aged student population,” said Stephane Shellenberger, SNU Professor and director of the Biggest User! Project.

The program runs from January 16, 2012 to April 20, 2012 and will be used to employ college students in the community to assist in an exercise mentoring program. The grant will also be used to provide four nutrition seminars by a professional nutritional specialist (one each month) for the students that enroll in the program.

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