SNU School For Children Continued Excellence

The Southern Nazarene University School for Children (SFC) goes through an accreditation process annually through the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Within this accreditation process, there are about 75 documents that the school must provide to maintain a status of "Accreditation with No Deficiencies."

Schools must maintain records that prove it is following all state educational criteria and laws concerning the education of a Pre-K through a 6th-grade program. The school must show that each teacher is certified for the grade they teach, that class sizes meet regulations, that all staff CPR certification requirements are met,stated handbook safety protocols are in place, fire, tornado and safety drills are stated and practiced, etc.

Further, the school must provide documentation that it conduct vision screenings for all children and provide appropriate library and counseling services for all children.  The SFC board-approved policies concerning required laws for academics and instruction are also reviewed by the state accreditation team.  The School for Children reports the annual school population and standardized test scores to the state as well.  When a school does not meet these state requirements, the district and the school site can be placed into deficient status levels such as priority, focus, and targeted intervention designation status.

The accreditation process is an opportunity for an outside reviewer to make sure that the School for Children maintains continual compliance with the state's standards.   State Accreditation allows our teachers to receive "step credit" in the state of Oklahoma and allows for students who graduate or leave the SFC program to be accepted into the next grade level without the need for a placement exam. It is also a wonderful "stamp of excellence" for the schools' academic program's success and invested teachers.

Said SFC Director, Julie Brant this week, "The School for Children first received full accreditation with the Oklahoma State Department back in 2009. I am proud to announce that this week, the SNU School for Children has received its 7th approval for "Accreditation with No Deficiencies."

SNU is also very proud of the continued accreditations that are being received at the SNU School for Children. Director Julie Brant and her excellent staff are proving that not only can they operate an excellent laboratory school for the university, but that they can do it in a manner that keeps parents and students excited about the entire process.

If you would like to find out more about the SNU School for Children, contact Director Julie Brant at 405-491-6716 or