SNU School of Kinesiology - On The Move

In universities across the country, kinesiology programs continue to expand and evolve as they address some of society’s greatest concerns, with larger departments often enrolling well over 1,000 majors. Kinesiology, the academic discipline that studies physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life, has emerged in recent years as the undergraduate degree of choice for many students seeking careers in a variety of allied health/medical fields, as well as in more traditional areas such as fitness, health promotion, physical education, recreation, and sport.

At Southern Nazarene University (SNU), interest in the degrees offered in the School of Kinesiology is also growing each year, becoming one of the largest degree programs on campus.  A positive outcome of the growing interest in kinesiology in recent years, and of the field’s significantly expanded science base, has been its official recognition in 2006 by the National Research Council as an academic discipline in the Life Sciences and its inclusion in the Taxonomy of Research Doctoral Programs.

In the SNU program, degree offerings are varied to include Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Physical Education (P-12), Physical Education (Sport/Leisure), Pre-Physical/Pre-Occupational Therapy, Sports Information, and Sports Management.  Under the superior leadership of Kinesiology Chair, Dr. Sylvia Goodman, the SNU program has flourished with new interest of incoming students.

Says Goodman about her department, “We realize the demand to produce qualified graduates in fields that are gaining acceptability countrywide.  Our excellent staff is serious about making SNU a place where students will be recognized as having the skills necessary to set the standard in Oklahoma.” 

Wage potential of a physical therapist is growing, but can vary depending on location and experience. In 2015, the average annual salary of a physical therapist was $74,480, with an average for the middle 50% ranging between $62,270 and $87,940.

An average job growth rate of thirty percent was predicted by the BLS for physical therapists seeking employment during the decade from 2010 to 2018. The projected job growth was encouraging across all industry settings and exceptionally strong in orthopedic, experienced nurse and acute hospital settings, with notable prospects in relation to healthcare facilities attracting elderly patients.

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