SNU Senior and Transfer Visit Days

     On Saturday, September 19, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) Admissions hosted its first “Senior and Transfer Visit Day”.  This event provides prospective students with an alternative to College Days that is free and only takes one day out of the weekend.

“I want all the visit days, whether Senior and Transfer Visit Days or College Days, to make an impact. I want people in the short time they are here to catch a glimpse of our community and that we aren’t just a school but a family. I would want them to see themselves going to school here and belonging here,” Rachel Graves, SNU Admissions Special Events Coordinator, said. 

Forty-one people, including parents and students, attended this first event.  The day included financial, academic, and student support seminars along with academic and student panels.  Students and parents divided into smaller groups to go on a campus tour and attend a question and answer session with Admissions staff and current students. 

“It was a very relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time they got the information they needed,” Graves said. 

Participants had the opportunity to attend the Residential Life tailgate party that night, and Crimson Storm Athletics donated tickets to the football game following for all those in attendance. 

“They all did a phenomenal job. It was a great dynamic,” Graves said. 

SNU will host several more visit days throughout the school year: 

Senior and Transfer Visit Days (Exclusively for High School Seniors and College Transfers)

Saturday, December 5

Saturday, March 27

Senior Visit Days (Exclusively for High School Seniors)

Monday, January 18

Monday, February 15 

College Days (All High School Students Welcome)

Friday, November 6

Friday January 29

To register, students can visit, select the type of visit they are interested in, and fill out registration forms. Students can also schedule an individual visit at or a group visit at