SNU Shows Off Winter Graduates

In another wonderful celebration of its 2016 winter graduates, Saturday’s ceremony on the Bethany campus was filled with excitement and exhilaration. The SNU commencement ceremony, shown live on SNU’s video streaming website, brought to the podium a revered speaker from the university’s award-winning business department, Dr. Larry Mills.

Mills, a 48-year professor at the University, retiring this year, recounted the miracle story of how he beat the odds, coming from a low-income family in Iowa to play collegiate basketball at Iowa State University before allowing God to direct him to SNU to play for Coach David Baker.  Little did he realize that he would not only play basketball for SNU but would go on to becoming one of its first business professors at his alma mater. Mills shared ten principles of life and made the case to the graduates that they must continually be focusing on life’s “end goals” to know the direction and what matters most in their lives. In a poignant message of hope and encouragement, Mills heartened the students that if they focus on to take the time to listen; the Lord has a specific plan ready for each one.

In the time that followed, Dr. Loren Gresham, 28-year SNU president, also retiring in July, bestowed degrees on over 260 undergraduate and graduate degree recipients to the delight of several thousand family members in attendance at the SNU Sawyer Center on the Southern Nazarene University campus.

There were 383 total graduation requests made with 264 participating at commencement with 113 Bachelors and 109 Master's degrees given.

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