SNU Strategic Initiatives

SNU Strategic Initiatives

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Strategic Goals (2009-2012)

1. To affirm and communicate consistently our Christian mission, vision and identity.

2. To affirm academic excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.

3. To strengthen and broaden the SNU student experience.

4. To recruit, reward and support to retain traditional, nontraditional and graduate student populations for success.

5. To be fiscally responsible in all operations.

6. To pursue collaborative and cooperative opportunities in various academic and operational areas.

    Initiatives (2009-2012)

    1. To affirm and communicate consistently our Christian mission, vision and identity.

    1.1. Update strategic plan and process

    1.1.1. Update the strategic planning web site for information and vetting

    1.1.2. Update Board of Trustees on strategic planning process

    1.1.3. Review and evaluate institutional key performance indicators, benchmarks, and comparator institutions

    1.1.4. Update strategic planning task team assignments

    1.2. Strengthen the relationship with the Church of the Nazarene

    1.2.1. Communicate the SNU/South Central Region story of partnership in higher education through relevant media, targeting the laity of the Church

    1.2.2. Increase the quality and frequency of SNU sponsored training events for pastors – on and off campus

    1.3. Revisit and respond to recent external market research on college choice and customer satisfaction

    1.3.1. Establish review panel with faculty, admissions, alumni, and church relations representation

    1.3.2. Develop response strategy for issues and ideas from review panel

    1.4. Strengthen institutional brand awareness

    1.4.1. Define and articulate the SNU brand

    1.4.2. Coordinate the promotion of SNU’s image in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and other selected markets

    1.5. Strengthen and enhance web presence to all constituencies

    1.6. Strengthen and coordinate marketing/recruitment messages campus-wide

    1.6.1. Maintain Nazarene identity

    1.6.2. Position SNU as welcoming, global, relational and missional

    1.7. Develop plans to enhance diversity and to further the practice of grace and hospitality.

    2. To affirm academic excellence and innovation in teaching and learning.

    2.1. Develop a center for teaching and learning

    2.2. Develop learning communities utilizing general education focus

    2.3. Develop interdisciplinary cohesiveness

    2.4. Develop new instructional pedagogy and technologies including online learning for all students

    2.5. Develop scholarship and research opportunities

    2.6. Use assessment to strengthen academic and co-curricular programs

    2.7. Engage in initiatives to improve academic challenge

    2.7.1. Develop additional activities to support graduate school bound students

    2.7.2. Expand support for undergraduate scholarship and research

    2.8. Expand Global Initiatives

    2.8.1. Develop Applied Studies in English through increased enrollments

    2.8.2. Expand study abroad and missions opportunities

    2.9. Improve institutional capacity for online instruction and develop new offerings, particularly for summer school

    2.10. Develop online graduate and undergraduate programs fully online

    2.10.1. Complete the development of one fully online graduate program for fall 2009

    2.11. Invest in program innovation

    2.11.1. Develop a Masters Degree Program in School Counseling

    2.11.2. Complete the Doctorate in Leadership feasibility study

    2.11.3. Explore opportunities for the addition of one new market feasible academic program each year

    2.11.4. Develop an MBA in Ethical Leadership in partnership with the School of Business

    2.11.5. Explore plans and priorities for possible additions of academic centers

    2.12. Invest in program quality

    2.12.1. Review and develop plans for instructional and professional development support

    2.12.2. Complete another cycle of program review for all academic programs with direct linkage to student learning outcomes, planning, and budgetary support

    3. To strengthen and broaden the SNU student experience.

    3.1. Develop an SNU student experience plan

    3.1.1. Begin preliminary exploration of a new spiritual development model

    3.1.2. Provide a greater variety of spiritual formation opportunities that cross departments and integrate disciplines

    3.1.3. Expand a series of faculty discussions/conversations about spiritual formation and cultural influences through the Office of Spiritual Development

    3.1.4. Create a more integrated and satisfying student life experience through academics, residential life and student and spiritual development

    3.1.5. Develop a five-year plan for student development expansion

    3.2. Implement a comprehensive assessment of student learning effort

    3.2.1. Link planning, assessment, and budgeting activities

    3.2.2. Reconfigure and upgrade the Institutional Research function on campus to support planning, assessment, and retention activities

    3.3. Develop a coordinated strategy to support student retention efforts

    3.3.1. Compile and review a comprehensive institutional data set on student retention

    3.3.2. Develop an aggressive retention plan including retention targets as part of the SNU Experience Plan

    4. To recruit, reward and support to retain traditional, nontraditional and graduate student populations for success.

    4.1. Recruit to grow student populations

    4.1.1. Utilize athletics as a strategy for recruiting

    4.1.2. Utilize co-curricular programs for recruiting purposes (i.e. music)

    4.1.3. Evaluate and consider new strategies for recruiting and rewarding new markets including other-than-Nazarenes

    4.1.4. Develop innovative new programs using academics and student experience in recruiting

    4.1.5. Grow graduate and professional students to 2000 Increase average students per cohort for recruiting Develop innovative new programs for identified markets

    4.2. Recruit academically stronger students

    4.2.1. Implement procedures for selecting traditional students for success at recruitment

    4.3. Update the admissions recruitment plan and marketing strategy including rewards for students

    4.3.1. Stabilize our core constituent base – South Central Region Nazarenes

    4.3.2. Penetrate student markets in Oklahoma, Dallas Metroplex, and Houston

    4.3.3. Recruit and train the Office of Admissions team

    4.3.4. Review current scholarship program and work toward establishing an early award strategy

    4.3.5. Design a system to recognize quality personnel with professional staff development opportunities

    4.3.6. Improve the communications between faculty, staff, and Office of Admissions to facilitate a more united and efficient recruiting effort

    4.3.7. Expand support for international students at SNU

    4.3.8. Develop additional university relationships in Southeast Asia

    4.4. Develop retention support systems for student populations

    5. To be fiscally responsible in all operations.

    5.1. Maintain financial stability by growing and diversifying revenues, managing costs and investing/reallocating resources effectively to achieve strategic initiatives.

    5.1.1. Identify and focus on financial indicators of fiscal viability and health Identify benchmarks and comparator institutions

    5.1.2. Develop a comprehensive and aggressive grant procurement program Strategically support grant-writing initiatives Prioritize and resource for grant acquisitions

    5.1.3. Evaluate all areas of operation for fiscal responsibility

    5.1.4. Maintain a balanced budget

    5.1.5. Align strategic priorities with budget process

    5.2. To invest in campus systems, infrastructure, facilities, and grounds.

    5.2.1. Develop technology resources to support current and future operations to empower excellence Recommend comprehensive administrative software/hardware system Implement online strategies, program development and other delivery systems for fully online programs

    5.2.2. Reinvigorate and update student housing Close Garey Dorm for 2009 and schedule demolition Plan for replacement housing – new housing project to be planned Bracken Hall divided for men and women for 2009 Resource for updating and maintenance of all student housing

    5.3. Evaluate all scholarships and discounts Implement scholarship matrix for efficiencies Consolidate and centralize awarding Evaluate stacking of awards

    5.4. Secure funding for Science Renaissance project

    5.4.1. Seek funding sources for Science building

    5.5. Invest in personnel

    5.5.1. Develop a five year prioritized plan for review of faculty and professional staff positions

    5.5.2. Recruit, retain and develop high quality and motivated faculty and staff.

    5.6. Update, conduct and respond to employment climate surveys for faculty and staff

    5.6.1. Evaluate the institution’s response to the America’s Best Workplace Survey and survey employees again

    5.6.2. Empower Faculty Senate and Staff Council to gather employee satisfaction data

    5.6.3. Develop plans for improving communication on campus

    5.7. Refine budgeting process

    5.8. Update planning for the campus of the future

    5.8.1. Update Campus Master Plan including space utilization, placement of buildings, pedestrian corridors, traffic flow, and landscape upgrade

    5.8.2. Align facilities planning with strategic initiatives and budget process.

    5.8.3. Initiate planning for a campus-wide recycling program as an initial step to be recognized as a “green campus.”

    5.8.4. Consider needs for expansion of graduate and professional programs including campus facilities and new sites

    5.8.5. Begin feasibility study for performing arts center – Parker Center

    6. To pursue collaborative and cooperative opportunities in various academic and operational areas.

    6.1. Partner with Bethany First Church on a long-term Swaziland Initiative

    6.2. Explore academic delivery options and collaborations with corporations and other entities that are strategically relevant

    6.3. Pursue joint purchasing agreements and opportunities

    6.3.1. Investigate partnerships with OGE for natural gas

    6.3.2. Implement campus wide cell phone discount opportunity

    6.4. Explore articulation agreements with community colleges for various academic programs

    6.5. Develop collaborative efforts with Peer Learning Network