SNU Students Participate in "Austin Pictures"

BETHANY, Okla. (September 30, 2011) – On October 1st, Southern Nazarene University instructor Matt Denman will be taking a group of five SNU guitar students to Austin City Limits in Austin, Texas.

Students Colin Deibert, Ryan May, Sam Rosco, Tanner Smith and Nicholas McCartney will perform in a large guitar orchestra made up of five college and high school guitar ensembles that will accompany the famous Miro String Quartet. The SNU guitarists will be representing the Crimson Storm in the guitar orchestra led by the famous conductor of the Austin philharmonic, Peter Bay, who will be conducting Joseph Williams II's new work, "Austin Pictures."

“The amount of work that Matt has put toward the Classen and SNU guitar ensemble is remarkable. We are excited about this performance opportunity and look forward to more exciting opportunities like this in the future,” says guitar student, Tanner Smith.

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