SNU's Katie King Elected to the ACL Board of Directors

The Foundation for the Advancement of Christian Libraries, or Association of Christian Librarians (ACL), announced that Ms. Katie King was elected to the Board of Directors at the recent annual conference in Jefferson City, TN. Katie was elected Director at Large for a three-year term from 2011-2018.

                     Ms. Katie King                                                                              

ACL is an organization of evangelical Christian academic librarians that seeks to strengthen libraries through the professional development of evangelical librarians, scholarship, and spiritual encouragement for service in higher education. The Association is internationally known due to the global outreach of its services.

"I am honored that my colleagues in the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL) have chosen me to serve, although I have only been a member of ACL since 2011,” said Katie. “I already value this organization because it encourages and strengthens Christian following librarians through professional opportunities centered around academic, spiritual, and personal domains. I encounter the spirit of ACL in both learning from and sharing with other Christian academic librarians. I relish the opportunity to strengthen the organization as it strengthens my colleagues and myself so we can serve our students and communities well!"

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