Southern Nazarene Professor Invited to Green Scholar's Initiative

BETHANY, Okla. (October 20, 2011) - Southern Nazarene University professor, Dr. Marty Alan Michelson, has been invited to become a Scholar-Mentor with the Green Scholar’s Initiative. 

The Green Scholars Initiative is an international project involving dozens of institutions. The newly assembled Green Collection is among the world’s largest collections of ancient texts and items related to the Judeo-Christian story.  The Green Scholars Initiative allows scholars to research and produce scholarship around items in the Green Collection while also mentoring students.

“The Greens have done the world of Biblical Scholarship a great favor in their willingness to share these important ancient texts.  The Bible has shaped the culture of the world and the willingness to share these important, ancient texts demonstrate their kindness and their contribution to a world that is aware of the influence of the Bible,” said Michelson.

The Green Collection and SNU’s participation in the Green Scholar Initiative would provide students working with Dr. Michelson, and the SNU community, access to the largest privately held collection of Dead Sea Scrolls in the world.  

“The Green Collection and the Green Scholars Initiative is intentionally stewarding treasured documents in shared ways - to advance scholarship and discernment of the Bible for the world.  Their work and their sharing is a sign of their commitment to let these Ancient texts continue to speak today,” stated Michelson

To learn more about this initiative and these documents visit:

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