Southern Nazarene University's Fred Floyd Archives announces online Christmas Media Collection

SNU's Fred Floyd Archives - Christmas Media CollectionSouthern Nazarene University’s Fred Floyd Archives recently announced that their Christmas Media Collection can now be heard online. The collection is hosted on the Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library (WHDL) ( and features audio and video spanning from the days of Bethany-Peniel College to the present. A few selections from the collection are:

  • BPC Snowball Fight: 1949; Color 8mm film

  • Handel's Messiah: 1953, BPC; BPC Christmas Chorus Directed by Lester L. Dunn; Organist: Ruth Taylor, Soprano: Mabel Sonnevik, Contralto: Evelyn Robinson, Tenor: Herbert (Gene) Chambers, and Bass: Geron Brown

  • Handel's Messiah: 1960s, BNC; BNC Oratorio Chorus Directed by Harrel C. Lucky; Organist: Ruth Taylor, Soprano: Marcia Schultz, Contralto: Nelinda Purtee, Tenor: Robert Rist, and Bass: Dale German

  • Handel's Messiah: 1981, BNC; BNC Choral Society & Orchestra Directed by Dwight L. Uphaus; Continuo: Mark Reighard

  • Christmas Concert: 1987, SNU; SNU Choral Society Directed by David L. Miller; Organ/Harpsichord: Mark Reighard

Corbin Taggart, Director of the Fred Floyd Archives at SNU, worked closely with Ken Rosfeld, Director of the Music Business program at SNU, Scott Stargel, Global Nazarene Publications, to make this collection available. The digitization of the 8mm film collection was the result of a partnership with the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Taggart said, “The Fred Floyd Archives is incredibly blessed to have received a generous donation last year to launch the audio digitization program. I am very grateful to Mr. Dulan Elder, whose donation and interest in preserving the legacy of the Collegiate Quartet provided the necessary equipment to support the transfer of the entire audio collection. The Collegiate Quartet Collection debuted on the WHDL last year. In this new collection, the Messiah recordings are of particular interest, as they reflect a former university tradition; the annual presentation of Handel’s Messiah. I was very pleased to discover the 8mm color film from 1949 and believe it adds an entertaining view of the past. It is my hope that these recordings evoke many memories, and help us reflect on Christ’s love and faithfulness throughout our history, and during this Christmas Season.”

The collection is available at

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