Student Honors Council

Student Honors Council

The purpose of the HSC is to act as a liaison between SNU Honors students and the Honors administration, as well as to represent and act as ambassadors to the larger SNU student body and campus. The HSC will also provide Honors students with leadership opportunities designed to be helpful in post-graduate studies or careers.

Student Honors Council Positions, 2016-2017

The President (Amanda Anderson), coordinates the council and represents the Honors Program (HP) in campus forums, including the Honors Advisory Council (HAC); plans and chairs Student Honors Council (SHC) meetings; is involved in all program planning; acts as liaison between the Co-Directors and the students.

The Executive Secretary (Jordyn Johnson), facilitates communication among members of the SHC and between the Council and HP Administration. S/he prepares meeting agendas and keeps meeting minutes. The secretary also assists the President in his or her duties as called upon by the President. S/he will serve on the HAC.

The Historian (Kaylin Cummings), collects and organizes HP publicity (newspaper articles, etc.) and is responsible for photographing Honors events. S/he is responsible for posting event details and photos on the SNU Honors webpage and on the Facebook group site.

The Treasurer (Michael Tuttle), is responsible for the monitoring of HP funds.

The Communications Vice President (Maggie Williams), prepares print and other types of media for HP sponsored events (such as creating a video chapel announcement for Undergraduate Research Symposium). S/he works with the Executive Secretary to prepare and disseminate electronic and print advertising. The Marketing V.P. acts as the Council's liaison with the Echo and other on- and off-campus media groups; s/he will be primarily responsible for the upkeep of the SNU Honors webpage.

The Service Vice President (Sadie Shaull), coordinates HSC sponsored service projects. S/he also facilitates HP student participation in other community service initiatives. Service projects completed in conjunction with specific coursework should also be reported to the Service VP. The Service VP will keep records of all service project work completed in conjunction with the HP for assessment purposes. The Service VP will help to create instruments to measure the outcomes of service projects. S/he will serve on the HAC.

The Recruitment Vice President (Kenedy Orton), aids the HP administration with recruitment of future honors students. S/he helps to plan and execute recruitment events, such as Honors Recruitment Weekend and Honors recruitment visits, etc.; the Recruitment VP will be the head of any committees formed to run recruitment events. S/he will be responsible for maintenance of attendance records and follow-up contacts in a database. S/he will serve on the HAC.

Freshman Members at Large (TBA), participate in SHC meetings and represent freshman Honors student concerns.

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