Student Teaching Requirements

Admission to Professional Semester (Student Teaching)

All teacher candidates who are preparing to teach are required to take the all-day professional semester program. This program is an entire semester devoted to intensive course work and related laboratory experiences in the professional area, including student teaching. The teacher candidate must plan and expect to devote the full school day, Monday through Friday, to course work and laboratory experiences and additional time to co-curricular activities. During the off-campus period, the teacher candidate is expected to devote full time to professional responsiblities as does the teacher on the job. Application for the professional semester should be made during the year preceding the year in which the teacher candidate plans to take the professional sequence of course work. This application is separate from the application for admission to Teacher Education and approval is dependent upon the applicant meeting the following criteria: 

  • Admission to the Teacher Education program prior to application for the professional semester 
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.50 in the specialization and overall Completion of at least one-half of the total specialization 
  • Recommendation by the student's major department and two faculty members 
  • An approved certificate program on file Good standing (not on disciplinary probation) 
  • Completion of a minimum of 90 semester hours 
  • Completion of one semester in residence at SNU 
  • Professional liablity insurance coverage 
  • Completion of background check 

This candidate's status is reviewed periodically as the teacher candidate progresses through the program. Final recommendation by the department is needed before student teaching is done. The Teacher Education Council is responsible for the implementation of the above criteria.