Student Testimonies - International Students

Daria Ivanova- Russia

  • Why should students choose SNU?
    SNU is a great school if you are looking for Christian, family oriented, friendly, welcoming environment. You will never be a number here. From the very start professors, coaches, mentors, staff, other students make sure you feel comfortable, get answers to all your questions, learn, have fun, and have a second home here. It is easy to make friends here, since the classes are small in comparison to state schools. Every building is close to each other and in one area.
  • How did your experience at SNU make you better?
    First of all, I got higher education here at SNU, so it taught me to think analytically, and have a wider perspective on the world. Second, it is a Christian school, so I did learn a lot more about the bible, and Christianity though the religious classes than I knew before. Third, my coaches, teammates, professors, staff, and close friends were incredible support, encouragement, which made my experience here so much better, brighter and easier to be away from home.
  • How would you describe SNU to someone who knows nothing about it?
    I would say that SNU is a religious private university with a purpose of not only educating students, but also bringing them together and creating a second family for them. Many of the students acquire life long friendships and mentors, who enrich their lives.

Jorie Zhao- China

  • Why should students choose SNU?
    SNU is a great university focused on Christianity, transforming student’s lives through higher education in Christ-centered community. Studying at SNU, you will have an opportunity to become educated persons in the liberal arts tradition, and most important, you are able to seek the underlying principles of our universe and the truth.

  • How did your experience at SNU make you better?
    I’ve learned not only the knowledge and skills of my MBA program, but also the most wonderful course I’ve never had in my life – faith. When I face any difficulty orchallenge in my life, I am able to utilize FAITH to solve those obstacles.

  • How would you describe SNU to someone who knows nothing about it?
    SNU cares about every student. The professors and staff are willing to help and encourage students to deepen spiritually as they deepen scholastically. You will get more than what you expect at SNU.

Oumoul Thiam - Senegal

  • I am Oumoul Thiam, and personally I think that students should be choosing SNU because there is an excellent quality of teaching. Far beyond that, there is a beautiful spirit that all different students share within themselves and with the professors. SNU I s pretty much a family, no matter where you are from, people help you and include you in their lives like you are family and that is so easier to learn that way.
  • my experience at SNU is wonderful, there is so many people around me, each and every one of them care about me and push me toward the successful ways. Indeed, those people and the challenges ahead of me make me wan to be a better person inside and out.
  • For me, SNU is one of the best places and the most enjoyable environment where anyone can come and find knowledge and get the education they are hoping to get.

Truong Tran Bich Ngoc- Vietnam

  • SNU is not just a school where I came to get higher academic education, it is a place that helps me to shape my characteristics, helps me to recognize who I am and the meaning of my life. 
  • I study business, hence, learning how to make money is kind of my major..haha.. However, SNU teaches me that I - myself is worthier than billions dollar enterprises. At SNU, I experience God's love and friends' love in such a way that I never think it could be existed in this world. Therefore, with those amazing supports, I think nothing is impossible!