Students & Faculty Awarded Scholarship to Oxford University

BETHANY, OK (May 27, 2013) - Three students from Southern Nazarene University’s School of Theology and Ministry have been chosen from an international pool of applicants to be Student Scholars at Oxford University in England. Scholarships for travel, study, lodging and stipend exceeds $30,000.00 as graduate students, Herschel Hepler & Dale Weaver, along with undergraduate student, Lynn Vogel, participate in the multi-week Scholars Session during the summer, 2013. This unique opportunity is only available to qualified students at Universities around the world where select faculty have an established working relationship with the Green Scholars Initiative. These students engage a unique mentored relationship with Professor Marty Alan Michelson at SNU’s Bethany Campus. Dr. Michelson, a 14 year veteran in SNU’s School of Theology and former Visiting Scholar at Oxford (2010), will accompany the students in their travel, research and study at Oxford with his fees and stipend awarded for the mentorship he provides.

The summer session is coordinated from Wycliffe Hall at the University of Oxford and is entitled “LOGOS: A Summer Workshop on Biblical Texts, Vocation and the Christian Mind.” This opportunity is made possible through the generosity of the Green Family and the Green Collection

Left to Right: Dale Weaver, Herschel Hepler, Lynn Vogel and Marty Michelson. Pictured outside the SNU School of Theology and Ministry in front of the S.T. Ludwig Religion Building. 

Summer Sessions will include lectures, special research in textual studies, round-table discussions with distinguished scholars, dinners and tours in England including Cambridge, the Bodleian Library at Oxford, Tyndale House in Cambridge, and the British Museum & British Library in London. The intentional investment in the students is in order that each student scholar will develop an ability to better understand how their Christian faith intersects with their research and careers. 

“This is one of the most amazing and gracious investments that GSI could make into the life of a student,” says Lynn Vogel, the undergraduate student. Graduate student, Dale Weaver expressed, “I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that three years ago when I started this Master's program that I'd receive scholarship and stipend to study at Oxford! My deepest gratitude to the Green family and the Green Scholars Initiative for making this opportunity possible!” 

Dr. Hal A. Cauthron, Chair of the School of Theology and Ministry at SNU, said: “We are quite pleased that these students earned this opportunity by merit of their good work. We appreciate the generosity of the Green family in making this opportunity available. The work of these students with the Green Collection during their years of study at SNU has been a life-changing experience, and this summer program will crown their academic careers with unforgettable experiences in scholarly pursuits. We are privileged to be able to offer our students opportunities for research scholarship beyond the classrooms and campus in Bethany, Oklahoma. This is another occasion when we say a genuine 'Thank You' to the Green Family and the administrators of the Green Collection.” 

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