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 31. Student-to-Student interaction and Faculty-to-Student interaction are essential characters and are facilitated through a variety of ways.
Comment received: Documentation fully supports indicator. The expectations for both faculty and students are articulated clearly. Interaction is critically important including faculty to learner, learner to learner, and learner with resources (e.g, textbook, library resources, other multimedia). The instructor should also be required to participate/react/comment in the weekly forums to encourage deeper thinking, analysis, and reflection.
Meet Criteria Completely
 32. Feedback on student assignments and questions is constructive and provided in a timely manner.
 Comment received: Documentation fully supports indicator. The Faculty Expectations document provides a solid expectation concerning timely responses. (We are curious how do you ensure constructive responses?)
Meet Criteria Completely
 33. Students learn appropriate methods for effective research, including assessment of the validity of resources and the ability to master resources in an online environment.
 Comment received: Documentation is insufficient for the indicator. For a score of 3, document that the new librarian and instructional designer are able to design a module for deployment in the template. Additionally, this should demonstrate the tutorials and resources, not the fact the people have these positions.
 34. Students are provided access to library professionals and resources that help them to deal with the overwhelming amount on online resources.
 Comment received: Documentation provided fully supports indicator. Students can access library resources and the librarian easily and it's built into the course template.
Meet Criteria Completely
 35.Instructors use specific strategies to create a presence in the course.
 Comment received: Documentation fully supports indicator. In addition to grading, providing feedback on assignments, and posting announcements, faculty participation in the discussion boards is essential to achieving learning outcomes. It's where students learn from each other but the conversation must be guided by a facilitator, or someone who is helping students connect the content to practice.
Meet Criteria Completely
 Comments for Teaching and Learning: While the faculty expectations agreement should be expanded to include participation on discussion boards, the document does a thorough and clear job of outlining to faculty what is expected of them to enhance the learning of their students. The hiring of a new online librarian and ID faculty already indicates that the institution has prioritized these gaps in service and is addressing them.
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