Technology Gift Advances SNU Education Department

Bethany, OK - Southern Nazarene University’s Education Department Chairman, Dr. Tim Taylor, announced today that the University had received an anonymous financial gift allowing for the purchase of new equipment in three classrooms. “We realize that keeping up with classroom technology in training new teachers at the undergraduate level and for Master of Arts students in our Educational Leadership (MAEL) Program is critical. This gift will allow us to enhance these classrooms with state-of-the-art technology for all of our teaching purposes, said Dr. Taylor.”

The Southern Nazarene University School of Education has flourished over the last several years in producing numerous elementary and secondary teachers who have gone on to become Teachers of the Year at schools across Oklahoma and other states. One of the reasons is due to the emphasis that SNU has maintained on staying abreast of the techniques and equipment technologies that students will be expected to use once placed in area schools. Likewise, SNU’s MAEL program, led by Dr. Stephoni Case, is also proving that the ability to train students with the latest technology is key to successful educational leaders being prepared for leadership in public school arenas. Of course, both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Case agree that in addition to technology, both of these programs continually succeed and produce top-flight graduates because of the amazing faculty found in each department.

The equipment itself, purchased through RealmediaFX, will totally transform three teaching areas into true “interactive” classrooms. This equipment will include TEC Podium Lite smart podiums allowing for remote access to three 65” QOMO LED 4K resolution, multi-touch display televisions, and Aurora controller and speakers providing total connectivity and enhanced sound throughout. Also, Huddlecam HD cameras included will provide 360-degree rotation and audio capability of remote live online distance teaching. In total, the system will provide the students and professors with a full complement of learning and teaching tools far exceeding a normal classroom.

The technology upgrade coincided perfectly with the hiring of Jody Bowie, Assistant Professor, who has advanced skills in the area of IT and the use of technology in the classroom. Commented Bowie, “This new equipment will greatly enhance our programs in helping future teachers and administrators learn themselves and also understand how technology should perform in the classroom. I will be looking forward to the installation and training process to fully utilize all facets of the system.”

Dr. Taylor also shared that these classroom systems will also be utilized by the Oklahoma District Church of the Nazarene in their training of ministerial students who are taking classes towards ordination. "We are so excited that our classrooms and equipment can also be utilized and shared with others in the furthering of the Gospel.”

The new classroom technology will be ready for use in the next 2-3 months.