MA Theology - General Information

1. Graduate level courses in Biblical literature may not be taken until Biblical Introduction (B LT 5233) or Biblical Interpretation (B LT 5203) is completed; graduate level courses in Theology may not be taken until the student has met the prerequisites for Systematic Theology OR has completed Theological Methods (THEO 5303).

2. A background in biblical languages is beneficial in all Biblical Literature courses. The Greek Testament will be a major source for New Testament courses and the Hebrew Bible will be used in Old Testament courses. Therefore, a biblical language is strongly recommended as the language admission requirement.

3. A Graduate Committee will be appointed for students choosing a thesis option. The student will work closely with this committee in preparing the thesis.

4. A distinction is made between Directed Readings and a Directed Study course. In a Directed Study course the student must meet with the guiding professor at least five hours during the semester, preferably once every three to four weeks. In a Directed Readings course the student is expected to work more independently and must meet with the guiding professor at least twice during the semester, including a final session at the end of the semester. A Directed Readings course may be taken only on a Pass/Fail basis. A Pass represents the equivalent of B or better work. A student is permitted to take no more than four hours of the 36-hour program by Directed Study and/or Directed Readings. Approval by the MA Coordinator and the professor of the area in which the work is being done is required, and depends on the interest and capability of the student to do work in the proposed area, as well as the availability of a professor to supervise the work. A syllabus of required work must be filed with the M.A. Coordinator.


Each candidate for graduation must successfully complete an exit evaluation. For the thesis candidate, the thesis will be the basis for the evaluation, to be conducted by the candidate's thesis committee. For the non-thesis candidate, the evaluation will be conducted by three members of the School of Theology and Ministry appointed by the MA Coordinator.


Cognate courses may be selected from any field in which graduate courses are offered at SNU. If special permission is given by the M.A. Coordinator, cognate courses may be taken in other fields by consignment or transfer. Grades of B or better must be earned in all transfer or consignment work.

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