Theology & Ministry Student Receives Oxford Scholarship

Britain Dawson receives Oxford ScholarshipBritain Dawson, senior student in The School of Theology & Ministry, will be on scholarship with stipend at Oxford University this summer. The School of Theology & Ministry at SNU is proud to announce for the seventh consecutive year that students working with Dr. Marty Alan Michelson will be participating in a scholarship fellowship with the Museum of the Bible.

Dawson has studied Biblical languages in Hebrew and Greek in his Bible coursework. Students working with Biblical Hebrew, are invited into a strategic mentorship program hosted by Dr. Michelson via a partnership with the Museum of the Bible, now open in Washington, D.C. As a recipient of the scholarship dollars including academic scholarship, stipend, and travel opportunities, Dawson’s travel throughout England will include work in May and June of 2018.

SNU President Keith Newman congratulated Dawson on his award. “We’re really proud of Britain Dawson and the opportunity that is being afforded to him and Dr. Michelson. We love the Green Family and the Museum of the Bible. Having personally experienced being with many of the faculty and the student scholars who have completed research in Oxford, I know what is before Britain is a tremendous opportunity.”

Dawson is among approximately 40 university students chosen from applicants in an international pool of candidates. Dawson will be given hands-on access to early Christian texts in the context of mentoring relationships with professors that help emerging scholars' train for issues unique to Christian vocation in academic life. Dawson was one of a few chosen from a high number of worthy candidates. The letter of acceptance notes: "Your application to Logos in Oxford has been successful, and we are delighted to invite you to join us in England this summer . . . We heartily congratulate you on this award!"

Dr. Jim Fitzgerald, Chair of the School of Theology & Ministry has said: "We are thrilled to hear the news that Britain Dawson has been selected for the Oxford summer program in conjunction with the Scholars Initiative of the Museum of the Bible. It is a real tribute to his earnestness as a student of the Hebrew language, and the culture of biblical scholarship that is fostered by Dr. Marty Michelson in SNU’s School of Theology and Ministry. We are grateful for the vision of the Green family and the Museum of the Bible that seeks to prepare the next generation of biblical scholars, and for their generous support to make such opportunities possible."

“The Museum of the Bible continues to offer our SNU students scholarships and stipends based on the generosity of the Museum and the scholarly acumen of SNU students,” said Michelson. “We are proud of those training for ministry in the School of Theology & Ministry at SNU.”

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