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(General Education associate-level courses)



Lee Johnson

Phone: 918.664.4100

8210 E. Regal Court,
Tulsa, OK 74133
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Why Bridge? You may have started college in the past and had to leave because of financial, family or professional pressures. As a working adult, you may now be in a position to consider completing your degree to move further up the ladder in the workplace. You may have been in a college system briefly, but other responsibilities took priority. You are ready to resume your studies. You may have decided that college was not where you wanted to be earlier. Now is different. You are older and wiser about setting goals.

Bridge is literally an academic bridge to get you from a limited number of college credits to a place where completing your degree is a realistic goal. It is a means to an, flexible and doable.

There are many good reasons to enter the Bridge program. Our job is to make sure you meet your goals. Because your time is valuable, we use an accelerated and flexible format. The courses you take meet general education requirements and prepare you for a transition into a degree completion program. Bridge gives you a way to cross from one point to another in obtaining your undergraduate degree. Ultimately, your success is our goal.

The Bridge program allows students to obtain general education credit in an accelerated manner. Using an open enrollment format, adult students select schedules and classes tailored to individual needs. Bridge is designed to assist students in reaching 60 college credit hours needed to enter a degree completion program (Organizational Leadership, Business Administration, Criminal Justice and Family Studies & Gerontology). Students must have 6 transferable credit hours to enter the Bridge program. Classes meet one night a week. The Bridge program is offered at our Tulsa campus via teleconference and some courses are available online.

Courses offered in the BRIDGE Program:

Abnormal Psychology

Writing in College


American Cinema and Culture

America in Vietnam

Criminal Justice and Community

Earth’s Natural Disasters


Art History

Intercultural Communication 

Interview Techniques 


Social Class in America 

Sociology of the Family


Introduction to Christian Thought

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 

Introduction to Fine Arts

Introduction to Holocaust

Introduction to World Religion

Introduction to Corrections

Introduction to Criminal Justice


Juvenile Delinquency 

Literature in Life 

Math Concepts 


* Independent Study Modules are also available

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Tulsa Recruiting & Admissions:
Lee Johnson 918.664.4100

Graduate Programs - Counseling:
Kim Roach  918.970.4631
Gwen Mullins 918.970.4627

Financial Aid: 
Laniece Watkins 405.491.6335

Business Office:

Bridge - Ronda Ita 405-491-6666
Undergrad - Leslie Storie 405-491-6647
Graduate - Bill White 405-491-6349


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