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Southern Nazarene University offers two graduate degree programs in business: a Master of Science in Management (MSM) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). The 31 credit hour MSM program focuses on the management of human resources and is completed in 18 calendar months. The 40 credit hour MBA program focuses on the financial and quantitative aspects of management and is completed in 21 calendar months. Both programs share a common CORE of coursework and are delivered in an accelerated, modularized format that differs from traditional programs in delivery. Classes meet only one evening per week for four hours. Courses are taken consecutively, strategically sequenced as building blocks to provide the broad base of skills needed for business success. A professional portfolio, which demonstrates personal development from entry to completion, is created in conjunction with the modules.

The graduate programs in management are professional in nature and are designed to provide a broad educational experience in management. They emphasize the relationship between management and the functional areas of communication, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and the quantitative sciences.

Key strengths of the graduate programs in management include:

  • Globally focused, cohort-based, technology-driven curriculum designed to enhance managerial and decision making skills
  • Holistic approach to broad-based business applications
  • Emphasis on critical thinking and analysis of ethical issues
  • Student-centered instruction tailored to the working professional
  • An integrative capstone experience

Requirements to complete the Graduate Programs in Business:

* MSM specific courses ** MBA specific courses


Accounting is the language of business; thus, this course incorporates principles of accounting and finance to provide a foundational understanding of these areas in preparation for other management courses and success in the business environment. A primary focus of this course is financial statement preparation and analysis.

ACC 5113 - MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING (3 credit hours) **
This course examines the various systems and uses of accounting by managers with emphasis on the management's accountant's role in the planning and control function. The organization of data for decision- making, and the influence of quantitative techniques on management accounting are the major topics for this course. Prerequisite: ACC 5003 or equivalent undergraduate coursework.

This course examines organizational communication theory and process. Special emphasis is given to common and special problems associated with interpersonal and intergroup communication affecting business decisions and operations.

ECO 5003 - ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT (3 credit hours)
This course examines economics from a historical perspective. Economic principles are discussed from a management perspective, including production, costs, exchange, distribution and consumption. Students apply economic concepts such as scarcity and opportunity costs, relationship between aggregate supply and demand, profit maximization, foreign trade and banking systems.

ECO 5113 - MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS (3 credit hours) **
This course applies economic theory to practical business operations and examines how managers can best structure the architecture of their organizations to motivate various constituencies, thereby increasing the overall value of organizations. Attention is focused on the management of assets and allocation of capital.

FIN 5113 - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (3 credit hours) **
This course presents an intensive study of the finance function in the corporate world. The financial environment, time-value, capital budgeting, cost of capital, working capital management, debt-equity structure and international finance are examined.

MGT 5123 - MANAGEMENT SCIENCE (3 credit hours) **
This course explores operations and management science techniques currently used in organizations. Project management, forecasting, inventory models, scheduling, and other techniques are included.

This course deals with behavioral social systems in work organizations. Topics include individual and group behavior, leadership, organizational change and development, behavioral research, decision processes and motivation processes.


MGT 5153 - ETHICS AND MANAGEMENT (3 credit hours)
This course presents a rational, ethical framework, consistent with Christian values, by which decisions and actions undertaken by business people can be evaluated. Ethics will be examined through case studies, class discussions and position papers related to the students’ experiences.

MGT 6131 - MANAGEMENT SEMINAR (1 credit hour)
This course is a two-night seminar focused on Entrepreneurship. The first night provides an introduction to the processes involved in starting a business. The second night focuses on more detailed information related to business evaluation.

This course provides the management student with a sound understanding of today’s legal environment. Lectures, reading, group activities, and actual case studies are incorporated to assist the student in complying with the appropriate laws governing today’s business environment.

The focus of this course is to examine the functional areas of human resource management, including acquisition and placement, job analysis and design, training and development, performance management and rewarding of human resources. Extensive reading, writing, group discussions and case studies are utilized.

(3 credit hours) *
The focus of this course is to promote the alignment of corporate and human resource strategies. Special consideration is given to strategic decisions regarding each of the functional areas of human resource management and the rationale for alignment with corporate strategies. Extensive reading, writing and case analyses enable the student to apply the principles of strategic human resource management.

MGT 6173 - STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (3 credit hours)
This is the capstone course for all the Graduate Studies in Management programs. This course integrates the functional business disciplines (Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, Economics, and Finance) within the strategic management process. A management simulation component is utilized to demonstrate the strategic linkage of these functional areas.

MKT 5113 - MARKETING MANAGEMENT (3 credit hours)
This course is an advanced marketing course that incorporates the techniques and functions of management and marketing as they relate to product, place, price, and promotion. Extensive reading, case analysis and marketing plan preparation are used throughout the course.

#A Portfolio that is created by the student to demonstrate his or her growth from entry to completion of the program and an Exit Interview are required for graduation.