Two from SNU accepted into Duke Divinity School's Summer Institute

    Pictured above are: Piper Ramsey and Dr. Marty Alan Michelson.  
    Photo complements of Dr. Marty Alan Michelson.

SNU student Piper Ramsey has been accepted into Duke Divinity School’s Summer Institute, “The Ministry of Reconciliation in a Divided World.” Piper is a Theology Major with a minor in Biblical Languages slated to
graduate in May, 2014.

Marty Alan Michelson (Ph.D.), professor in the School of Theology & Ministry, also received an invitation to participate in the Summer Institute. Piper will participate on full scholarship provided by the Eupan Global Initiative and Dr. Michelson received full scholarship from the Henry Luce Foundation.

Ramsey will engage a seminar entitled “Theology of Reconciliation.” The seminar will help participants better understand the significance of diversity in the world. “I’m excited to have been accepted,” says Ramsey, “Faculty at SNU have nurtured me in how to make my faith a reality in the world beyond the classroom and for the church and for communities.”

Michelson’s scholarly work connects him to the seminar sessions on “Christian-Muslim Peacemaking for Christian Leaders.” He will attend sessions analyzing key peacemaking texts used by these faiths, along with a focus on finding common ground for the common good. Michelson, an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene, is internationally certified in peace and conflict resolution.

Ramsey and Michelson will collaborate with other Nazarene scholars and pastors while in North Carolina, including graduates of SNU enrolled in the M.Div program at Duke.

“Working with vibrant young Christians like Piper, with all her verve, is exciting,” Michelson said. “One of my greatest opportunities in the work of the University is partnering with young people. Piper is a great example of students we invest in, so she, and we, can change the world.”

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