"Two Paths" Painting to Hang Outside President's Dining Room

Southern Nazarene University has been blessed over the years with various pieces of art on its campus that show off the unique talents of previous graduates.  From the seven different beautifully designed religious sculptures scattered around the SNU campus, created by graduate Scott Stearman (75) to a recent dedication of the new SNU Feland Field baseball complex and sign, designed by previous graduate, Patrick Marston (08). These creative talents continue to grace SNU with a magnificent new piece of art depicting the "SNU Centennial Plaza" that will hang as part of the improvements made in the Webster Commons, a centerpiece building of the SNU campus.

Artist Cody Rains moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Edmond in 1995, where he lived from age seven until attending SNU in 2006. Cody graduated with an SNU BS in Graphic Design in 2010.  Says Cody, "My artistic style, currently, is probably best described as emotionally driven abstract expressionism. Within each piece I create, I try to show movement and action. Within my painting process, I try to make marks that are identified as "realistic" or "correct" so that the viewer can visually pick up on the subject matter, as well as marks that are abstract and expressive."                

Professionally, Cody currently has an eleven piece, privately-owned collection of paintings housed in the Century Center building downtown (corner of Robinson and Sheridan). This building is fairly new and houses The Oklahoman, Revolve Pizza, YMCA, and Mahogany Steakhouse. His art hangs in the main hallway and is open to the public seven days a week. Cody also has displayed his art at District House Coffee (still showing), DNA galleries, and Paseo Art Space.

In January 2016, Cody had his debut solo exhibit entitled "(E)motion of the West" at Paseo Art Space in the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City.

SNU's president's wife, Linda Gresham among others have deeply appreciated Cody's artwork and unique style on the canvas.  "We appreciate Cody's talent and wanted to highlight it somewhere on the SNU campus.  With the remodel of the President's Dining Room in the Commons, it seemed a perfect place.  We will hang it proudly as a testimony to God's blessings on Cody's life," said Gresham.

Cody plans to keep creating and refining his art in the future because he loves doing it. He doesn't have any specific end goals for his art but just wants to enjoy the process of experimenting, creating and improving.  If that happens to lead to some level of exposure in the future, it will surely be a result of hard work, persistence and God's leading as much as any level of his talent or skill.

In 2012, Cody founded a full-service marketing agency called Cherry Tree Visual located in Edmond, OK. He has put together an award-winning creative team specializing in Graphic Design, Web Development, Videography, and Online Marketing. They focus on smart marketing strategies that will lead to increased exposure and an increase in business for their customers. You can meet Cody's team and learn more about what they do at cherrytreevisual.com.  The new Rains SNU art, named "Two Paths" can be seen outside the Commons President's Dining Room on the third floor.