Ultimate Challenge

The Ultimate Challenge was developed in 1990 as an opportunity for a creative way for students and faculty to interact, compete, foster friendship and build community. The friendly competition between business faculty and students have through the years seen faculty face off with students in sand volleyball, bowling, golf, softball, HORSE, investment challenge, table games i.e. Trivial Pursuit, tennis, and croquet to name a few. The quest each year is for the mythical title, known as the Gresham Cup (named for the university president, Dr. Loren Gresham).

The Gresham Cup

The scorecard for the history of the Ultimate Challenge is as follows:

1990-1991 Faculty- 297 Students-243
1991-1992 Faculty-149 Students-139
1992-1993 Faculty-172 Students-128
1993-1994 Faculty-134 Students-126
1994-1995 Faculty-165 Students-113
1995-1996 Faculty-131 Students-130
1996-1997 Faculty-120 Students-80
1997-1998 Faculty-200 Students-0
1998-1999 Faculty-120 Students-80
1999-2000 Faculty-0 Students-160
2000-2001 Faculty-80 Students-60
2001-2002 Faculty-60 Students- 120
2002-2003 Faculty-50 Students-0