University Singers Travel to Venezuela

The SNU University Singers and Chorale were featured in a jazz festival during a mission trip to Valencia, Venezuela.

During the 10-day trip, the students performed in area churches, hosted a Vacation Bible School and participated in a jazz festival at the Universidad De Carabobo.

“It was really cool to be able to sing with the Venezuelans. Even though we spoke different languages, we were still singing the same thing to the same God together. In those ten days, I was reminded of how important it is to not only love people, but to love openly. I was reminded that language is not that big of a barrier. The love of God is universal, and we are here on this earth to share it. We are to love God and love people,” stated Nicole Tanizawa, University Singer.

While at the jazz festival, several students hosted clinics on vocal jazz techniques and sound reinforcement while others found opportunities to witness on-campus.

“One day a few students were asked by a guy if they could sing a song. They rallied all together and began to sing in a local courtyard. One of the songs they sang was the Venezuelan unofficial national anthem. They drew a crowd of well over 100 random students and then Hilary Galbraith and Alex Bolerjack shared their testimonies to all those gathered,” said Jim Graves, Assistant Professor of Music.

Many lives were changed during the 10 days in Venezuela.  During a two hour visitation in a local barrio, 13 people made prayers of salvation and team members prayed with countless other families.  The local university radio station continues to broadcast the team’s recordings.

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