The Hope we Have - Verse of the Year 2017

Please join with us in sharing this 2017-2018 prayer card.

Email Tollya Spindle for more information or call 405-491-6300.

We have added some different options for you to use this year's prayer card.  Save the chosen file to your device and install.  - These are large format, high-resolution images suitable for printing.

Download & Print High Resolution PDF 

Printable 5 x 7 card

Printable 8.5 x 11 Letter sized Poster

The Hope we Have - Phone BackgroundThis image can be used as a background for your phone.

You can click on the image from your phone, save and then set as the background from your image folder.  Alternatively, you can download this file.

The Hope we Have - Desktop computer backgroundThis file can be used as a background for your pc/Mac desktop or laptop computer.

Right click the image and save or download this file and install to your device. 

The Hope we Have - Social Media imagePlease use this file to share on your social media posts such as Instagram, Facebook, Snap or any other.  Save the image to your device and share!

Download the image file.