The Welcome 101 site is a part of my.snu, an internal website for all SNU students, staff, and faculty.  This site also gives incoming students access to all of the forms needed to complete registration.  

Welcome 101 is only available to students who have been accepted for admission to Southern Nazarene University.  If you have yet to receive your admissions certificate, take a look at the Admissions Checklist to see what might be missing.  Once we have all of your information, a my.snu login will be generated for you and you'll be one step closer to joining us at SNU!

                    If you're already familiar with my.snu



The first step in the Welcome 101 process is to login.  You'll see a page that looks like this.  

Your login and password should have been sent to you in an email.  Should you have any trouble logging in, please contact Courtland Park in the admissions office.

Once you're logged in, you can change your password under the "Options" tab.

The next step is to begin your Welcome 101 experience, which starts on the Introduction page.

From that page, you can begin the Syllabus.

After the Syllabus, you can begin to complete each of the chapters.  Each chapter contains a different set of form required for registration at SNU.  Once you've completed all of the forms, you'll be ready to go!

Please contact the Office of Student Development (405.491.6216 or
with any questions about forms.  We're happy to help!