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Master of Arts in Educational Leadership

The Aspiring Principal's Workshop (CCOSA) is required by the MAEL Program BEFORE your internship may begin. It is NOT one of the three workshops required for your internship. There is no cost to the student.

Scheduled 2010 Aspiring Principal's workshops:

  • March 24, 2010, Aspiring Principals I - Metro Tech, OKC
  • March 27, 2010, Aspiring Principals I - CCOSA Office, OKC 
  • March 31 & April 1-2, 2010, Principals' Leadership Academy - CCOSA Office, OKC
  • June 9, 2010, Pre-Conference Workshop w/Ken Williams, PLC's - Meridian Convention Center, OKC
  • June 10-11, 2010, CCOSA Summer Conference - Meridian Convention Center, OKC

In addition to the Aspiring Principal's Workshop, MAEL Interns will be required to attend three (3) workshops for their internship. The MAEL Program will reimburse the student the cost of the workshop up to $100/workshop.

Before enrolling in any workshop, please call the MAEL office at 405 491 6346. If you are interested in attending a workshop that is not pre-approved and meets the requirements above, you will need to call the MAEL office for approval or e-mail Dana Aduddell at

Criterial for workshop approval:

  1. Your internship must be approved before you are eligible to attend a workshop. Please call Dana at 405 491 6346 for approval.
  2. The workshop must be for ADMINISTRATORS.
  3. The majority planning to attend the workscp must be Administrators.
  4. The workshop must be provided by a professional organization OR by a local school district. Check out the offerings below::


  • Apirl 28, 2010 - Distinguished Lecture with Charlotte Danielson - Meridian Convention Center, OKC
  • June 9, 2010 - Pre-Conference with Kenneth Williams - Meridian Convention Center, OKC
  • June 11-12, 2010 - CCOSA Summer Conference with Keynote Address by Ruby Payne - Meridian Convention Center, OKC


Oklahoma StateDepartment of Education

2010 SNU Workshops Available!

  • None at this time

Call Dana at 405 491 6346 to register!

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