Ziglar Scholars Learn Ethics in Politics

       Eleven outstanding students from Southern Nazarene University (SNU) have been accepted into the first Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership’s Ziglar Scholars’ Program for Fall 2009. The Ziglar Scholars’ Program is a transformational leadership development experience formed in community serving undergraduate students at SNU who excel academically and exhibit exceptional leadership potential.

Pictured above is Juan Bonilla, a Junior at SNU.  Photo credit, Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Research at SNU.

This year’s program is entitled " The Right Thing: Restoring Institutional Integrity and Regaining Public Trust" and will be facilitated by Dr. Rick Farmer, Director of Committee Staff, Oklahoma House of Representatives and SNU adjunct faculty member. The program will consider issues of ethics and leadership within the political environment. Special attention will be given to instances of moral and ethical failure in the political realm along with constructive proposals for avoiding similar ethical lapses in one’s personal and professional life.

Ziglar Scholars will reflect on these issues in connection with the State Legislative Leader’s Foundation (SLLF) symposium entitled “The Right Thing:  Restoring Institutional Integrity and Regaining Public Trust" at SNU, September 17-20, 2009. SLLF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, independent national organization committed to providing specialized educational and enrichment programs for the leaders of our state legislatures — an elite group of approximately 350 House Speakers, Senate Presidents, Majority Leaders, Minority Leaders and Pro Tempores (www.sllf.org). It is an important time for students to gain more knowledge, network among legislative leadership and become acquainted with ethical and leadership challenges in the political realm. 

“The leadership training aspect of this program is something that I find extremely valuable, and I believe it is something that can be extremely useful to me in the workplace,” said Juan Bonilla, junior. “It is my hope that by participating in this program I will learn how to interact with professional business people and how to make better ethical decisions in my personal and profession life.” 

Dr. Tony Griffin, Executive Director of the Ziglar Center, believes the program will make an impact on students’ lives. “These promising young students will have the opportunity to rub elbows with state lawmakers and consider the ethical and leadership challenges that legislators face in a tough political climate,” he said. “Students will become better equipped to face ethical dilemmas while in school and beyond the university.”

The mission of the Zig Ziglar Center for Ethical Leadership at Southern Nazarene University http://www.ziglarcenter.com is to serve as an academic center of excellence for the study and practice of ethical leadership. It seeks to provide students with educational experiences to fulfill its ultimate vision of developing “a cadre of world-changing leaders who think with clarity, act with integrity and serve with purpose.”