Admission Criteria

Selection for admission into the nursing   program is made at the end of the fall semester of the sophomore year.   Preference is given to applicants whose preparatory work is completed at SNU.   Applications are distributed in the Health Assessment pre-nursing course.    Both a cumulative and pre-nursing GPA of 2.75 and completion of all pre-requisite courses at a ‘C’ level or higher are required for admission. A test of English as a foreign language   (TOEFL) score of 550 (paper and pencil), 213 (computer based), or 79/80 (internet based) is required for international students.

Licensed practical nurses may challenge a maximum of 6 credit nursing hours. Upon successful completion of the challenge examinations and other requirements for advanced placement, credit will be given.  Transcripts will be evaluated on an individual basis by School of Nursing faculty using their expertise.