Alumna to Compete in Her First Triathlon at Age 67

BETHANY, OK (July 27, 2012) - On August 18th, SNU Alumna, Marcia Schultz Darin (’66) will be competing in her first triathlon at age 67.  

Three generations of the Darin family women will be competing at “Team Magic's Girls Tri It On” Nashville triathlon, and at the Vaco Brentwood Kids Triathlon, happening later that same morning.

Trying adventurous things together as a family isn't a new thing for the Darin family. In the late 90's, the daughters signed a record deal and moved from their southern California home to Nashville, performing as a Christian pop R&B group by their last name, The Darins.  With their dad driving their motor home and their mom selling CDs and photos , the family toured the US, opening for artists like FFH and 4HIM and at Winter Jam.

The three Darin sisters now have daughters of their own, and together with their mom (Grandma) Marcia, the group will compete in their first triathlon.

A number of them participated in 5Ks, and one of the sisters, Rachelle, ran in her first marathon at the Country Music Marathon in the spring.  Over the last year or two, they've done a few triathlon relays with various combination of the family, but none of them have ever competed in a solo triathlon.

Marcia Schultz Darin’s granddaughters were originally inspired to begin competing in a duathlon, which is biking and running, by her son-in-law Brian Lord.  When daughter, Stacy, asked her oldest child, Maiya, if she wanted to do a triathlon this summer 7-year-old Maiya answered, "I'll do a triathlon, if you'll do one, Mommy."

Stacy couldn't say no, and one by one, the sisters signed on, with only the matriarch, Marcia, left to join.  After realizing that she'd be allowed to stand up occasionally on the pool swim, that she could ride a beach cruiser instead of having to buy a fancy tri bike, and that she could walk 'the run' portion, she agreed to sign up.

The family has since been training by taking trips to the pool and the park to ride bikes or run around.  All the Darin women look forward to creating this special memory together in August.

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