Benefits & Difficulties - Commission Unto Mexico

Benefits & Difficulties of Being on a Mission Trip in Mexico


  • Seeing the joy of the children
  • New experiences as you live for a few days away from your regular routine
  • Personal spiritual renewal 
  • The encounter with new challenges
  • Building new and/or stronger friendships
  • Seeing the Holy Spirit at work in another cultural setting
  • Feeling that you're making a difference in someone's life situation
  • Appreciation of another culture
  • Opportunity to receive from other brothers/sisters in Christ


  • Encountering language barriers
  • Having to put up with the lack of conveniences that are part of your everyday life at home
  • Feeling there isn't enough time to do everything
  • Being more tired that usual
  • Enduring a long drive to the border
  • Eating foods you are not used to
  • Trying to find a place to be alone for a quiet time
  • Being in the same room with people who snore (bring some ear plugs!)
Benefits & Difficulties