Commission Unto Mexico committee shares news from recent campus meeting

The 21st edition of Commission Unto Mexico will likely have some new developments as a result of meetings held on the Southern Nazarene University campus on August 12, 2009.  This year’s Mexico trip, scheduled for December 27 to January 3 in Chihuahua, will likely include involvement in some new church planting projects as well as an "extreme Commission Unto Mexico" for some participants who would like to spend a couple of days in an isolated mountain village. It may also include an attempt to put together a soccer team that could play some games against Mexican teams in Chihuahua. 

The added developments came from discussions with Steve and Debbie Baker, Work and Witness coordinators for North Mexico, and Mark and Chris Miller, volunteers from Arizona who have helped coordinate Commission Unto Mexico for the past three years.  The Millers and Bakers spent most of the day on the SNU campus in meetings with President Loren Gresham, Dr. Brad Strawn, Dr. Howard Culbertson, Jason Hubbert, Andrea Green and Stacey Porterfield. 

"My passion is evangelism and church planting,” said Steve Baker.  One of his hopes for Commission Unto Mexico is to incorporate even more outreach and new church start components into this "Work & Witness adventure for all ages." 

Debbie shared about having been in Chihuahua a few weeks ago and having led a couple of budding gang members to faith in Christ.  The Bakers are veteran missionaries who have served in several countries in Latin America.  Both of them are ordained elders in the Church of the Nazarene with Debbie having grown up in Panama where her parents were Nazarene missionaries.  The Bakers have only recently been assigned to the Border Initiative with responsibilities to include coordinating groups like Commission Unto Mexico. 

One small detail to come out of the sessions was the news that the passport "cards" now being issued at a lower cost and in less time than regular U.S. passports can be used by Commission Unto Mexico participants. 

When Mark Miller was younger, he spent more than a decade working on a horse ranch near Chihuahua.  While the group was on campus President Gresham led a tour of the SNU horse barn and riding area. 

In its 20-year history, Commission Unto Mexico has annually drawn from 125 to 315 participants.  While much of the promotional and organizational work is done on the SNU campus, the relatively low-cost missions trip is open to anyone. 

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