Commission Unto Mexico Enters 22nd Year

     BETHANY, OK --- December 27 through January 3, the Oklahoma City community and churches in the region will have the opportunity to partner with Southern Nazarene University (SNU) to participate in Commission unto Mexico in Chihuahua, Mexico. 

Commission unto Mexico is in its 22nd year with the upcoming 2009-2010 trip.  The all-inclusive price of 509 dollars is for this mission trip experience to and from El Paso, Texas. 

“This has turned into a community trip that is very family oriented,” Dr. Howard Culbertson, Professor of Missions, said. 

On average, between 175 and 225 persons participate each year, including SNU students and staff, high school students, families, and members of the surrounding communities. 

Participants will travel to Chihuahua and be divided into groups to serve in ten different local churches.  Service will include construction projects, community work, and evangelism outreach. 

“Our big emphasis on the trip is relationships with our Mexican brothers and sisters in the Lord with the hope that they will bear fruit in the long term,” Culbertson said. 

The trip typically includes one or more doctors, SNU nursing students, and RNs to provide clinics at four or five of the sites on the trip.

“We want to find ways to help them effectively plant churches and be the giant push they need,” Culbertson said. “I want to see if we can figure out how we can best serve them in the church planting process.”   

This is an open trip with no application process.  Participants’ only need to register and come. 

“Because the trip is open, it provides an opportunity for the university to give back to the people who have supported the school,” Culbertson said.  “Several students attending in the past are now serving as missionaries.” 

Culbertson affirmed, “After this trip, people have found things radically changed in them.” 

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