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Center for Online Learning at Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma

Summer I (May 11, 2015 - June 19, 2015)
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G S 1413-01-N Aesthetics
THEO 1513-01-N Christian Faith and Life
ENGL 1113-01-N Composition I 
PSY 1213-01-N General Psychology
PEG 1002-01-N Health and Wellness 
CSNE 1113-01-N Integrated Software Applications
N S 1123-01-N Introduction to Astronomy
PHIL 2013-01-N Introduction to Philosophy
MATH 1133-01-N Math Concepts: Probability and Statistics
H P 1533-01-N The Modern World
Summer II (July 6, 2015 - August 14, 2015) 
G S 1413-02-N Aesthetics
ENGL 1213-01-N Composition II
THEO 1513-02-N  Foundations of Christian Belief
PEG 1002-01-N  Health and Wellness 
CSNE 1113-02-N  Integrated Software Applications
 Fall I (August 31,2015 - October 9, 2015)
THEO 1513 Christian Faith and Life
ENGL 1113 Composition I
NS 2213 Earth's Natural Disasters
PEG 1002 Health and Wellness
CSNE 1113  Integrated Software Applications
NS 1123 Introduction to Astronomy
BLT 2013  Old Testament Life and Literature
HP 1483 U.S. History I
Fall II (October 18, 2015 - November 27, 2015)
GS 1413  Aesthetics
ENGL 1213 Composition II 
NS 2213 Earth's Natural Disasters
THEO 3053 Foundations of Christian Belief
PEG 1002  Health and Wellness 
CSNE 1113  Integrated Software Applications 
HP 1533 The Modern World

*NOTE: Course offerings are subject to change.