Kappa Delta Pi hosts Illustrator



On March 29, 2011, The Phi Tau Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi hosted artist/illustrator and SNU alumnus Greg White to campus.

During his visit on campus, Mr. White demonstrated how he uses a computer tablet to create his art. He first begins with a pencil sketch and later adds layers of details and color to create his pictures. Since he mostly illustrates children’s books, he discussed with students the importance of understanding the characters, mood, action, and setting of the script in order to create illustrations that augment and compliment the text.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. White invited the SNU students to join him in drawing a picture. Step by step, he demonstrated how to draw a monster. The students enjoyed adding their own details to create a “masterpiece” that made their monster unique from all the other students.

Greg currently works for Tate Publishing and produces illustrations for three to four books a month.